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Existing Models & Styles

There are thousands of engagement ring, wedding band, and jewelry styles that are available.   Since I work directly with these manufacturing companies, your choices are pretty much unlimited.  

Below are a few examples of various styles.

Engagement Rings



Solitaire settings are very traditional and allow the diamond to be the focal point of the ring.

Side Stone


Side stone settings feature the center diamond and have side diamonds which accent the center stone.



This popular style uses small diamonds which encircle the center diamond.  There may also be diamonds on the band as well.



With a combination of side diamonds, engraving, or milgraining, you can achieve a vintage look.

Three Stone


The three stone diamond rings are symbolic of the past, present, and future of your relationship.

Eternity Bands


Eternity bands contain diamonds around the entire ring and are a great choice for a weddings or anniversaries.

Anniversary Bands


Anniversary bands contain diamonds partially around the ring and are also a great choice for a weddings or anniversaries.

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