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Lab Grown Diamonds

Consumers now have a great choice in diamonds

What are Lab Grown Diamonds

Lab grown diamonds are actual  diamonds that are grown in high tech laboratories using sophisticated  technology.  Heat, pressure, and special processes allow for carbon atoms to crystalize onto a diamond seed crystal which results in the production of a genuine rough diamond.  This process is done above the ground and no mining is required.  When diamonds form in nature, the process occurs deep below the earth under extreme temperature and pressure.  In either process the outcome is the gemstone with the most brilliance, fire, and scintillation – a diamond.

What is the difference between Lab Grown and Earth Mined Diamonds

Since lab grown diamonds display the same chemical, physical, and optical properties as diamonds mined from the earth, they also feature the same durability, beauty, and brilliance.  A jeweler using a 10x loupe, a “diamond tester”, and traditional gemological observation and technique cannot tell them apart.  Only a laboratory trained gemologist using highly specialized equipment can reliably identify lab grown from earth mined diamonds.

What are the benefits of Lab Grown Diamonds

  • They are real diamonds!

  • They are usually a better quality than earth mined diamonds

  • They are less expensive than earth mined diamonds

  • You can get a bigger diamond for a comparable price

  • They are sustainable

  • You now have a choice, “above the ground” diamonds or “below the ground” diamonds

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